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Troll Language Campaign Norway – Trolltunga

Troll language (Trolltunga) in Norway is a stone cliff above the Ringedalsvatnet lake. once you see a photo of Troll Tunga, you will definitely want to go on a tour of the Troll language and take a picture on this stone cliff. Just imagine how your friends groan and gasp when you show them your photo.

Today, the Troll language hike is the most popular track in Norway, but there is an equally popular track on the Prekestulen rock.

A lot of weirdos doing a variety of interesting pictures on this harsh rock. Looking at the photos from the Troll’s Tongue rock, you will feel the adrenaline rush inside you.

In this video about the Troll language, a lot of useful information.

The Troll’s Tongue rock in the skjegedal valley is 1100 meters above sea level and 700 meters above the Ringedalsvatnet lake, located not far from the town of odda, Norway. Trolltunga is located in the Hardangervid national Park.

Sunset rock Troll Language Norway

How do I get to the Troll’s Language?
From odd to Skjeggedal to the beginning of trekking to the Troll Language by bus or taxi. Daily from June 1 to October 15, the journey time is 30 minutes one way.

How to get to odda:
from Oslo to the Troll’s Tongue
by train Oslo – Voss, Voss-odda bus flight number 990
bus Express “Haukeliekspressen” Oslo (Oslo) – odda (Odda)
from Bergen by bus flight number 930 Bergen – odda)
from Stavanger by bus Express “The Trolltunga-Preikestolen”
You can take a tour in the Troll Language, and then all the questions of organizing the trip will fall on the shoulders of the guide.

From the ringedalsdammen Parking lot, an old trail 11 km long in one direction leads to the Troll Language. The trip to Trolltunga in both directions is 6-8 hours, but depending on the weather it may take 10-12 hours. Back in 2011, Parking near the lake near the beginning of the trail was free, and after the track there was an opportunity to take a hot shower for free. Today, Parking is paid and not very cheap.

The cost of Parking in front of the trail in the Troll language.
Daily Parking 1-16 hours 500 NOK (55 Euros, 2017 data)
24 hours 500 NOK (55 Euros, 2018 data)
the upper Parking 600 NOK (66 Euros, the data 2018)
Until 2012, the trail ran next to a private lift that only worked for owners of cottages located on the plateau above the lake. It was forbidden to climb the steps of the lift, but many ignored the ban.

In 2012, construction of a new tourist trail was started from the Ringedalsdammen Parking lot to the Troll language. The route was opened in 2014 and consists of numerous stone steps. The trail was built by Sherpas from Nepal with private donations from Norwegians.

In the summer of 2015, construction of a highway began on the Hardanger plateau from Ringesvatnet lake instead of the old lift. The road was completed in 2017. There is a Parking lot at the end of the serpentine, but it can only accommodate 30 cars. Most likely, if you want to take your car up this serpentine, you will be told that the Parking lot is occupied.

In 2018, with Parking near the lake up to private villas launched 2 Shuttle minibuses, which run on schedule from 7.00 a.m. every 30 min. Wishing so much that if you want to help Your track and use the Shuttle bus, then take care in advance and book your tickets online. The cost of the ticket 70 NOK. No passenger transportation services are provided from the plateau down.

Today, the track, from the Parking lot near the information office, you can walk along the old trail, then the distance to the Troll language is 11 km in one direction. If you walk along a road used by Shuttle buses, the length of the track to the Troll’s tongue will increase to 14 km, but the climb to 400 meters will be smoother. If you use a bus, the length of the track to the Troll language will be 10 km.

This is the Troll’s Language.
Next to the Troll Language is the town of odda, where you can book accommodation near the Troll Language(click on the link and you will immediately go to the page where you can make a reservation). If your travel budget is more modest, you can stay in a campsite or hostel. If you plan to spend the night in a tent at a campsite, you do not need to make a reservation, in all other cases, take care of housing in advance! Today, more than 100,000 people come to the Troika Language over the summer. And in the summer season, accommodation is very difficult to find. Life hack, going to The Troll Language, book a stay an hour away from the track, it will be cheaper. When booking accommodation in Norway, do not forget that you will have to pay extra for bed linen at the rate of 100 NOK per person (approximately 10 euros).

It is important before going to the Troll’s Tongue!
When going on a trip to the Troll Language in Norway, do not forget to take a thermos of tea and a snack, warm clothes and waterproof clothing, good trekking shoes or trekking sneakers. In Norway, the weather is very changeable, and even if it is Sunny in the morning, it may rain or even snow in the evening. In 2014, our group on the route was caught in a thunderstorm, and in 2015, almost the entire route was covered in snow. Before taking the route to the Troll Language, check the weather forecast at the kiosk in the Parking lot, where your adventure begins, which you will remember all your life. And Yes, you will not need a map to the Troll Language, the route to the Troll Language is well marked.

You can go to the Troll language with us. Book a tour on the Troll’s Tongue.

Look at these photos, what people will not come up with to make a unique photo in the language of a Troll.

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