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At first you feel like you are on another planet, and then-that this sky, these rocks, wonderful flowers and vineyards someone just photoshopped, added clarity and increased brightness. You look around and think for the one hundred and fifth time, ” how can it be so beautiful?”
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It is necessary to fly to Cappadocia when you want to, for a short time, not far away and so that the spirit is captured. You can spend three days in this wonderful place, but there will be so many impressions that it will seem as if a week has passed.

Cappadocia: how to get there?
It is important to remember that Cappadocia is a region consisting of small towns located close to each other. It is most convenient to fly from Kiev to Ankara or Istanbul (but it is better, of course, to Istanbul), and from there by local airlines to the airport in Kayseri. The cost of tickets for domestic flights by low-cost airlines Pegasus-from 60 dollars in both directions. From Kayseri to Goreme, where all the tourist life of Cappadocia is concentrated, you can get by bus or pre-arrange a transfer at your hotel.

For some reason, we did not choose the fastest option, but it is quite colorful. We took a bus from Ankara to gorem. The journey takes about five hours, the cost is 12 dollars, and outside the window-a very beautiful Turkey.

If you can choose which city to fly through, fly through Istanbul. I was in Ankara for the first time and it became a city for me that I am unlikely to return to one day without a good reason: gray and gloomy by day, bright and well-lit at night, skyscrapers bordering on slums, people in gray clothes and an inhospitable subway. They don’t speak English here, and you know it’s just your problem.

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Where to live in Cappadocia?
We lived in the most popular hotel in Cappadocia-Sultan Cave Suites. Probably, there are many nice and pleasant hotels in gorem, many of which are also located in the rocks, but I did not want to check. The hotel is quite large and at first even a little confused in the direction. Due to the fact that the rooms are carved into the rock, there are no air conditioners in the rooms, but there are stoves. We, for example, walked around for an hour, waiting for the room to air out – the maid for some reason in the morning carefully turned on the heating. The cost of accommodation starts at $ 114 per day, and Breakfast is included. And, to be quite honest, if you do not have a goal to live in this hotel, you can look for a cheaper and more comfortable alternative.

The terrace, which you have seen in all Instagrams of the world, is open to everyone at any time. You can only go there with drinks, so if you see tables with plates of food on them in the same Instagrams, you should know that these are decorations, no more. The view from it is really stunning, especially at dawn, when the balls rise into the sky.

And the hotel is home to the stunning Cocker Spaniel Izmir. A kind and smart dog who poses confidently and professionally for the cameras, has her own Instagram and happily ate a piece of my birthday cake.

Cappadocia, balloons: when do they fly?
Every morning, regardless of the time of year, 50 to 150 balloons rise into the sky. But be prepared for the fact that due to rainy or windy weather, the flight may be canceled and rescheduled for the next morning. Therefore, it is better to be safe and have an extra day or two in reserve.
Launching balloons

Landscapes Of Cappadocia
How much does it cost to fly a balloon in Cappadocia?
We booked the balloon flight in advance through the Butterfly Balloons company, which our hotel cooperates with. The cost varies from 100 to 250 euros, depending on the flight time (from one hour to two) and the number of people in the basket. The price also includes transfer, insurance, Breakfast and a certificate with champagne and snacks after. You leave the hotel at 4: 30 and return no later than 8:00.

Perhaps, a balloon flight is what tourists from all over the world come here for. But it’s not even in the flight itself, but in what kind of view opens from a height of 1000 meters. The surface of the region was formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and subsequent changes due to natural phenomena. At first it seems that you found yourself on some other planet, and then-that this sky, these rocks, houses and plants someone just photoshopped, added clarity and increased brightness. I can’t believe it can be so beautiful! Many tourists order photo shoots in Cappadocia.

Wonders Of Turkey

Unique reliefs from a bird’s eye view
Cappadocia: what is it?
People like me who don’t eat meat don’t have much to eat in Cappadocia. Except for bread and fruit. And drink ayran. I tried almost all the hummus in gorem, but I did not meet a delicious one. The salad that a friend ordered in one samom_populyarnom_restoran also did not impress: the plate was nettle, mint, carrot, parsley, lettuce, dill and chicken fillet. And I’m afraid I forgot to mention some ingredients. Local wine is an Amateur, but desserts and ice cream are good. After Istanbul, where I usually eat everything, the local cuisine is not too impressed. But it is worth trying – you may be more lucky. Trust tripadvisor and foursquare – people who were delicious, they did not let you down.

What to see in Cappadocia?
Three or four days is enough to see all the sights of Goreme and not only, but these are valleys, open-air museums and underground cities. You can take a tour (from $ 50 per person) and visit key places for the day, but, in my opinion, it is more interesting to rent a car or Quad bike and explore all the same places yourself without crowds and haste.

Within walking distance from Goreme is an open-air Museum-a monastery complex with churches and chapels, which is listed in the UNESCO list, and Valleys: Meskendir with a cosmic landscape, Red valley with dwarven houses and Pink valley, where you will meet churches carved in caves. For some reason, I was most impressed with the vineyards and flowers that grow right in the rocks.

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