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Iguazu Falls Reviews
Iguazu falls (Argentina) — exact location, interesting places, inhabitants, routes. The cascade of Iguazu waterfalls is officially recognized as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and the…

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Glowing beach
The luminous beach or Sea of Stars is located on the coast of Vaadhoo island in RAA Atoll, Maldives. The glow is explained by the bioluminescence of plankton-chemical processes in…

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Outwardly, the fjords resemble calm blue lakes, but the water in them is salty. In fact, these are long, narrow sea bays that cut deep into the land. On both…

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Tunnel of love

Tunnel of love (Ukr. The tunnel of love) is a natural monument of local importance. It is located near the village of Klevan, in the Rivne district of the Rivne region of Ukraine, on the segment of the railway track leading from Klevan to the village of Orzhev.
It is a Botanical phenomenon-a green tunnel in a forest area about 4 km long, created by thickets of trees and bushes that intertwined with each other and created a dense tunnel with an exact arched shape. An industrial train passes this way three times a day. Continue reading

Park Chapada DOS Diamantina

Enchanted well Park Chapada DOS Diamantina. Brazil a Corner of pristine nature is preserved in the Chapada Diamontina Park in Brazil. The main attraction of the Park is the Enchanted well. Most mammals of the genus Man try to destroy as much as possible the natural splendor surrounding it. Fortunately, there is still the opposite part of humanity that preserves and protects the wonders of our planet. Citizens from the respectable part of Brazil created a national Park called Chapada Diamantina (in the original Chapada Diamantina). More precisely, the Creator of the Park, as, indeed, all that is beautiful on Earth, was nature. Man only surrounded this corner of the Brazilian countryside with care. Since 1980, the Brazilian government has organized this Park in the state of Bahia in the North-East of the country. Continue reading

Antelope canyon

Antelope canyon (Antelope Canyon)in the state of Arizona, we dreamed of seeing Antelope Canyon (Antelope Canyon) in the state of Arizona, USA, long before our trip to the States, so we were looking forward to meeting the Arizona Indian lands and one of the main attractions of the state, which is located near the city of page at an altitude of 1129 meters above sea level. The Antelope Canyon in Arizona, which is one of the most photographed places in the world, will be interesting for both professional photographers and fans of unusual natural geological formations.

It is best to visit Antelope Canyon in the summer (at this time you can see a beautiful sunbeam among the velvet-red walls of the canyon), and the time should be chosen in the morning between 10 and 12 hours. Continue reading

Uyuni is the largest salt marsh in the world

If you think that you know everything about salt and it will not surprise you, then you should go to Uyuni to get acquainted with it again in the vast white desert.
Uyuni is the largest salt marsh in the world. It covers 12,106 km2, which is 5 times the area of Luxembourg.

The huge mountain lake Minchin 25,000 years ago almost completely dried up, leaving behind a couple of small reservoirs and two giant salt marshes: Uyuni and Koipasa.

The dried-up Uyuni salt lake is the main attraction of Bolivia. Continue reading

Swing the End of the World

Deep in the wilds of Ecuador is a seismic monitoring station known as Casa del Arbol (in the original Casa del Arbol). Its purpose is to observe the activity of the Tungurahua volcano, which is located nearby. This volcano woke up on August 19, 1999. Since then, climbing it has been banned, and it is under scrutiny. The station is a small tree house. Which can already be considered a landmark, since it is located on the edge of a fairly deep cliff. But much more interesting are the swings that hang from the branches of a tree, right next to the station (more like a large birdhouse). All over the world, these swings are known as “swings at the end of the world” or “end of the world” swings. Continue reading

City of Petra
Petra (Arabic. البتراء read "al-Batra") is an ancient city located in the South — West of Jordan, the former capital of Idumea, and later of the Nabataean Kingdom. It is…


Tunnel of love
Tunnel of love (Ukr. The tunnel of love) is a natural monument of local importance. It is located near the village of Klevan, in the Rivne district of the Rivne…


The Amazon River
The Amazon is a great river whose basin covers half of Brazil and covers the territory of neighboring countries. The Amazon proper is a section of the river between the…


Mount Roraima — the lost world of Venezuela
Mount Roraima is a surprisingly mysterious, almost fantastic place located in the South-East of Venezuela. This is where Brazil, Venezuela, and Guyana meet. Due to its unusual shape, this mountain…