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Iguazu Falls Reviews
Iguazu falls (Argentina) — exact location, interesting places, inhabitants, routes. The cascade of Iguazu waterfalls is officially recognized as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and the…

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Machu Picchu is an ancient Inca city in Peru
Machu Picchu (in Quechua, machu pikchu means " Old Mountain”) is a mysterious Inca city built in the middle of the XV century, and the main attraction for which travelers…

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Uyuni is the largest salt marsh in the world
If you think that you know everything about salt and it will not surprise you, then you should go to Uyuni to get acquainted with it again in the vast…

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How it all started
New Zealand, in particular, the North Island is famous for its rich and unique nature: lush vegetation and pastoral landscapes are almost not spoiled by modern civilization. Well-known Hollywood Director Peter Jackson more than 15 years ago was just looking for places to start shooting films based on the works of the English writer John.R. Tolkien.

Flying over the island in a helicopter, he noticed a large sheep farm, spread out on a picturesque hilly area, so similar to the places described in the trilogy “the Lord of the Rings” and the book “the Hobbit”. Continue reading

Luminous caves of Waitomo

Waitomo Caves are considered one of the main attractions of New Zealand. They are located on the North island of New Zealand, 12 km Northwest of the town of Te Kuiti. Their name “Waitomo”, translated from the Maori language, means “water passing through the hole”(“wai” – water, “tomo” – funnel). One of the main attractions of the Waitomo caves is the “glowworm Cave”. It is called the “Firefly Cave” because of the large population of the arachnocampa Luminosa fungus gnats that live here. Here you can see and touch the real “starry sky”, above your head you can see thousands, millions of luminous points. This is an unforgettable sight.

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Lady Knox

Lady Knox (eng. Lady Knox Geyser) is a geyser located in the Wai-O-Tapu region, the Taupo volcanic zone of the North island of New Zealand. It is named after Lady Constance Knox, second daughter of Actor Knox, 5th Earl of Ranfurly, 15th Governor-General of New Zealand. An eruption of a geyser is caused artificially (by pouring a soap solution into the mouth of the geyser) every day at 10: 15 am. During an eruption that lasts about an hour, the geyser emits a jet of water up to 20 meters high  depending on the weather.[2] the Visible part consists of stone formations located at the base of the source. Silicon, which has accumulated over many years during eruptions, forms a light cone-shaped top of the geyser. Continue reading

Iguazu Falls Reviews

Iguazu falls (Argentina) — exact location, interesting places, inhabitants, routes.

The cascade of Iguazu waterfalls is officially recognized as one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, and the steamed Niagara and Victoria certainly fade in front of it. The waters of the Parana river, which separates Argentina and Brazil, have washed their way through soft sediments, but basalt barriers and islets remain unbroken. They stretched for 3 km downstream, forming a network of 275 channels, rapids, waterfalls and canyons. Continue reading

Facts about the great wall of China

The great wall of China is one of the most grandiose sights in the world. The largest separation wall in the world by length, an impressive example of ancient defensive architecture. It winds for many hundreds of kilometers among difficult terrain and steep mountains.

In all its sections, without exception, tourists enjoy the magnificent scenery. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Great wall of China was included in the list of the New Seven Wonders of the World. It is also one of China’s UNESCO world heritage sites. Continue reading

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