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City of Petra
Petra (Arabic. البتراء read "al-Batra") is an ancient city located in the South — West of Jordan, the former capital of Idumea, and later of the Nabataean Kingdom. It is…

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The strangest and most amazing cities on the planet (part 1)
All cities on the planet differ from each other in their uniqueness and originality. However, there are places that can impress even someone who has seen everything. We offer you…

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Luminous caves of Waitomo
Waitomo Caves are considered one of the main attractions of New Zealand. They are located on the North island of New Zealand, 12 km Northwest of the town of Te…

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20 places near San Francisco where you can relax for a day

Summer in San Francisco is the perfect time for a day trip within a few hours ‘ drive of San Francisco. The SFGate website has compiled a list of 20 travel options with tips on local entertainment and tips on how to avoid popular tourist routes and see original places. We also offer an approximate travel time from San Francisco (from the point that Google Maps gives you when you enter the “San Francisco” query) to your destinations. The specified time does not take into account possible traffic congestion. Continue reading

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef glacier (New Zealand) – description, history, location. Exact address, phone number, website. Tourist reviews, photos and videos.

Every year, the Franz Josef glacier is visited by more than 250 thousand tourists. What is it so famous for, and what interesting things can be seen in this place? The Franz Josef glacier is located in the Westland national Park, which belongs to the Te Wahipunamu region. By the way, this area is sacred to the local population-Maori. It is also a UNESCO heritage site.

The Franz Josef glacier is the fastest glacier in the world. During the day, the ice passes a decent distance, about 2 m per hour. Continue reading


Amsterdam (Netherlands) Amsterdam [mmstərˈdɑm]) is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. It has been the capital of the Kingdom since 1814. It is located in the province of North Holland in the West of the country at the mouth of the Amstel and EY rivers. Amsterdam is connected to the Nordsee canal with the North sea.

As of July 2018, the population of the municipality of Amsterdam is 857,713 people[3], together with the suburbs (city district) – 2.3 million inhabitants. Amsterdam is part of the Randstad agglomeration, which is the 6th largest in Europe.

The name of the city comes from two words: “Amstel” – the name of the river and “dam” – “dam”. In the 12th century, it was a small fishing village, but during the Golden age of the Netherlands, Amsterdam became one of the most important ports in the world and a major trading center. Continue reading

St. John’s

St. John’s (eng. St. John’s, MFA: [seseɪntˈdʒɒnz]) is a city in Canada, the capital and largest city of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Population-106,172 people (2011) , with suburbs-about 200 thousand. It is the second most populated city on the Atlantic coast of Canada after Halifax.

The city has a monument to the Portuguese Navigator Gaspar Cortereal.

Legends say that this city got its name in honor of the baptized Jew from Italy, Giovanni Caboto (ital. Giovanni Caboto, CA. 1450, Genoa-1499), who became the first European to sail to the Harbor, on June 24, 1497 — the day of the feast of St. John the Baptist. Continue reading

New Zealand: whale watching

There is such an expensive entertainment – Whale Watching, whale watching. There are several spots in America, South Africa, and Madagascar where people come from all over the world to see the world’s largest animals. Moreover, the considerable amounts paid for this adventure do not guarantee that you will see, in fact, a whale. A close friend of mine, for example, spent a whole day at sea near Boston, and saw nothing but the tears of disappointed children. Therefore, the offer to wrap in Kaikoura to watch whales I responded with uncharacteristically skepticism. Watch whales in Kaikoura come not just.Near the shore, not far from the town, there is a deep ocean depression Hikurangi, which is simply teeming with plankton, which is carried to the surface by the rising ocean current. Well, where plankton is, there are whales. For a long time, kaikura was a powerful whaling base, which now does not resemble anything, this poor fishing has long been a thing of the past. Now it is one of the centers of ecological tourism, one of the first to receive the “Green globe”, a kind of environmental Oscar in this part of the world. Continue reading

The strangest and most amazing cities on the planet (part 2)
5. The last free city on Earth In the Colorado desert (southeastern California), there is a place called Slab city. There are mostly those who have nowhere to go –…


Antelope canyon
Antelope canyon (Antelope Canyon)in the state of Arizona, we dreamed of seeing Antelope Canyon (Antelope Canyon) in the state of Arizona, USA, long before our trip to the States, so…


Uyuni is the largest salt marsh in the world
If you think that you know everything about salt and it will not surprise you, then you should go to Uyuni to get acquainted with it again in the vast…


Multicolored rocks of China
The Zhangye Danxia rocks in southeastern China are a unique geological phenomenon. Lush rolling hills are reminiscent of the paintings created by nature itself. The colored rocks Of Zhangye Danxia…