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Blue hole (Red sea)
This term has other meanings, see Blue hole (values). Blue hole (from the English. Blue Hole is an underwater vertical cave near Dahab in Egypt. It is surrounded by coral…

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The giant Te Pake sand dunes
The giant Te Pake sand dunes are a 10-minute drive from the Cape Ring lighthouse, the northernmost point of the North Island and New Zealand as a whole. Last time,…

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The Cathedral cave
PLACE DESCRIPTION The Cathedral cave is located on the Coromandel Peninsula, famous for its beautiful beaches and warm climate. It is called a Cathedral because it resembles a Gothic Cathedral…

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The sa Morakot Emerald lake is located in the Tongariro National Park of New Zealand. It is famous for the extraordinary color of its water, changing depending on the lighting, the time of day from pale blue to emerald green.

Thanks to underground hot springs, the lake’s water is highly mineralized and very warm. The reason for the unusual color of Sa Morakot is the high concentration of minerals in the water.
Emerald lake is located at some distance from the highways. You can get to it on foot, passing through a one-and-a-half-kilometer glade or along a trail. Continue reading


At first you feel like you are on another planet, and then-that this sky, these rocks, wonderful flowers and vineyards someone just photoshopped, added clarity and increased brightness. You look around and think for the one hundred and fifth time, ” how can it be so beautiful?”
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It is necessary to fly to Cappadocia when you want to, for a short time, not far away and so that the spirit is captured. You can spend three days in this wonderful place, but there will be so many impressions that it will seem as if a week has passed. Continue reading

White sand and blue water beaches

White sand and blue water beaches one of the most amazing beaches in the world is located in Australia.
There are extraordinarily beautiful white beaches here. They are located in the archipelago of the Holy Trinity and are called White Harbor beaches. The sand is so white and fine that it looks more like sugar or powder.

And perhaps even on the snow, as it even creaks in the hands. Compared to the beauty of these beaches, even the beaches of the Maldives and Bali fade Continue reading

Blue hole (Red sea)

This term has other meanings, see Blue hole (values).
Blue hole (from the English. Blue Hole is an underwater vertical cave near Dahab in Egypt.

It is surrounded by coral reefs karst sinkhole depth of about 130 meters. From a depth of 52-55 meters, the cave is connected to the sea by a passage. Overhanging over the passage corals formed a kind of arch, hence the name of the Arch.

The traditional route for Amateur divers consists of diving through the Bells (200 m North of the Blue hole), moving along the reef wall and entering the Blue hole through the upper isthmus called the Saddle of the Arch (at a depth of 6-7 meters). Continue reading

Multicolored rocks of China

The Zhangye Danxia rocks in southeastern China are a unique geological phenomenon. Lush rolling hills are reminiscent of the paintings created by nature itself.
The colored rocks Of Zhangye Danxia (Zhangye Danxia Landform) are colorful rock formations of a geological Park in Gansu province. Colored rocks consist of red sandstones and conglomerates mostly of the Cretaceous period.

The study shows that approximately 100 million years ago, this place was a huge internal pool. The water carried silt from the surrounding area. Continue reading

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